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These older planes lack the advanced controls and instrumentation of modern aircraft. Yet they're kept in top condition and have special defensive countermeasures designed to prevent them from being shot down.

The US Navy -- Fact File: C Gulfstream logistics aircraft

The Gulfstream jets, known as CCs to the U. Air Force, are meant to ferry a traveling President of the United States to safety during a crisis. The planes typically follow Air Force One, landing at an airbase or airport an hour or less from the President's location.

Gulfstream C-20B on display

In the event of a war scare, that plane—not Air Force One—would pick up the Commander-in Chief and whisk him or her to one of a dozen ground command posts scattered across the country. Other sources, including the late aviation writer Robert Dorr, claim the CCs also follow the Secretary of Defense when he leaves the nation's capital and are known as SENEX, or senior executive planes. The Gulfstream jets are said to be favored because their antiquated controls are less susceptible to the electromagnetic pulse EMP of nuclear weapons that could interfere with their electronics.

The planes are allegedly part of the Air Force's 89th Airlift Wing.

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Engine model Rolls-Royce RB. The aircraft was destroyed by a combination of impact forces and fire and all seven occupants died.

Gulfstream wins $118M DOD contract extension to support military aircraft

The Investigation attributed the accident to the way the crew were found to have habitually operated but noted that type certification had been granted despite the aircraft not having met requirements which would have generated an earlier gust lock status warning. GLF4, Berlin Tegel Germany, A Gulfstream 4 departing from Berlin at night with good surface visibility prevailing was cleared to taxi onto the parallel runway beyond the one in use for landing because both the GND and TWR controllers had incorrectly assumed the original parking position of the aircraft.

Upon approaching the runway crossing, the Gulfstream 4 crew recognised a stream of approaching aircraft and held clear whilst with difficulty alerting the TWR controller to their implied crossing clearance. At this point the controller recognised the ATC error.

General Characteristics

GLF4, Le Castellet France, On 13 July , a Gulfstream G-IV left the side of the runway at high speed during the landing roll at Le Castellet following a positioning flight after ineffective deceleration after the flight crew had forgotten to arm the ground spoilers. The Investigation found that pilot response to this situation had been followed by a loss of directional control, collision with obstructions and rapid onset of an intense fire.

Contributory factors identified included poor procedural compliance by the pilots, their lack of training on a relevant new QRH procedure which Gulfstream had ineffectively communicated and ineffective FAA oversight of the operation.

Having received an ATC clearance to do so, it then failed to follow it and began a steep descent approximately 6 nm to the south of the airport towards high ground.