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In the same way, counting the cost is actually realizing that what we have to surrender is actually not much.

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Therefore, giving up is not really giving up, but rather opening up our lives for all that God wants to bless us with. What are some things in your life that you are struggling to surrender? Pray that God would show you the true value of these things so that you would surrender them to Him.

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Why is it so important that we recognize that we are sinners? Recount the emotions and feelings that you had back then. In the same way, God found you, His long-lost child. If we would rejoice greatly at finding a lost object that was so precious to us, how much more would God rejoice over finding us, His precious children. Each of us can identify with the story of the prodigal son. Everything I have is yours. Read Genesis 3. How do these two passages parallel? Day Luke 15 Part 2 of 2 The younger son finally came to his senses after he had squandered everything.

How did you come to your senses?

The father had been waiting for his son every day. As soon as he saw him, the father ran to the son. God has been waiting for you. God is more than ready to embrace you when you choose to return. Even though you have squandered everything, you are still the precious child of God.

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What was the first thing that the son said to his father and how did the father respond? What descriptive words come to your mind? This is analogous to what happens when we repent and return home from being lost and separated from our Heavenly Father. Why was the older son not happy when his younger brother returned? How does this older son see his present life? How does the older son view his father?

What keeps the older brother from joining the celebration? Day Luke Note: This passage does not analogize God to an unjust judge. Our God is not a reluctant God. Are there any prayer requests that you have not been faithful in bringing them to God because you felt discouraged by the requests not being answered? What are some differences between the Pharisee and the tax collector?

Jesus welcomes little children. What are some things you observe in little children? Why does God commend these characteristics of children? What are the child-like qualities that you need to emulate in you life? What is wealth that he could not give up? What does wealth symbolize for his life? Tragically, the rich young ruler trusted in his wealth more than Jesus as his basis for security and identity. As a child of God, Jesus ought to be our only source of security and identity.

Examine your life and identify if there is anything outside of Jesus that you are holding on for security and identity. Despite all the rebukes and ridicules from other people, this beggar shouted to Christ and begged for mercy.

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Why was this beggar so desperate? One lesson we can learn from this blind man is to overcome all hindrances i. This man suffered from physical blindness, but we often suffer spiritual blindness. In your spiritual journey, is there something that you cannot clearly see or understand? Have you been coming to Jesus for help or have you been overcome by hindrances i. Observe the crowd. They are the ones that rebuked and discouraged the beggar from approaching Jesus, the only One who can help this poor man. There is no compassion for the blind beggar, just annoyance.

It is easy to think that we are not like the crowd. Have you been behaving like the crowd to anyone in your life? Have you been lacking compassion on others and displaying annoyance instead? Day Luke In the eyes of the world, Zacchaeus had achieved everything: power and wealth. What clues from the narration suggest that Zacchaeus might not have been fulfilled despite all of his power and wealth?

Why do you think that was the case?

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Being a short man, Zacchaeus had to climb a sycamore-fig tree to see Jesus. What does this action state about his desperation to see Jesus? Can you think of some reasons that might have dissuaded others from taking such similar actions? What fears and concerns do you have today that prevent you from taking the necessary steps to approach Jesus? Zacchaeus made concrete changes that clearly demonstrated the sincerity of his repentance. Genuine repentance always involves actions and must go beyond just good intentions. What are some good intentions that need to be lived out in your life?

What is the one clear message of this parable? Identify all things minas that God has entrusted you with: the Gospel, time, money, health, youth, talents, etc. Day Luke Why did the crowd welcome Jesus? History tells us that many people welcomed Jesus because they thought He would deliver Israel from the control of the Roman Empire. In which ways have you welcomed Jesus because you have unfulfilled dreams that you want Jesus to fulfill?

Why did Jesus weep for Jerusalem? Why did Jesus drive out the merchants at the Temple? What motivated the chief priests and the teachers of the law? What is an alternative to trusting God that this verse mentions? Can you identify with having to struggle between these two options?

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I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart. What does God desire instead? God does not allow trials and tests that we cannot not bear. What does David do in the midst of these times? In what ways can you identify with this self-assessment of David? Day Matthew 13 In the parable of the weeds, who is the sower?

Who is the enemy? Weeds and wheat can look very much alike. According to Luke , what is the best way to distinguish weeds from wheat? How does this apply to us today? How does this address someone who wants quick growth and overnight changes in their lives? Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price verses Salvation is free and yet it costs everything. How can you explain this paradox using this parable? Who will be accepted as good fish?

Who will be rejected? What happens to those that are accepted and what happens to those that are rejected? How does this impact your view of your current life? Elsewhere Jesus compares the kingdom of God with yeast Matthew 13 , and now He warns His disciples about the yeast of the Pharisees.