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International Journal of Nanomedicine. Published Date June Volume Pages - Journal of Surfactants and Detergent s. The fabric and home care industry is advancing quickly and technology is moving fast… so fast that the industry needs, and has requested, to come together every two years in order to be competitive, stay abreast of new technologies, and discuss important issues that affect the way the industry conducts business. Abstracts for poster presentations are being accepted for review. Showcase your latest research results, innovative work-in-progress, or on-going research project that might not yet be complete, but demonstrates compelling preliminary results.

Submit your abstract by 1 August View guidelines and submit. The Disney corporation has announced that by it will phase out adverts for products that do not conform to its nutritional guidelines, and will also aim to promote healthier foods such as fruit. GE soybeans had only previously been planted under the experimental and pilot stages in Mexico since The approval of GE soybeans for commercial use comes at a politically-sensitive time with upcoming presidential elections and at a time that anti-biotech groups have ramped up media attacks to block progress on this front. K Kumar, Prasanna Y.

Lipids in Health and Disease , doi Published: 13 June Singh and Raj K. China released a five-year plan on Friday to upgrade its food safety regulations in the country's latest efforts to address food safety concerns. The government will improve national food safety standards by revamping outdated standards, reviewing and abolishing any contradicting or overlapping standards and working out new regulations, according to a plan posted on the website of the Ministry of Health.

China has more than 2, national food regulations and more than 2, industry-based regulations. Many of the regulations are overlapping or contradict each other, since multiple government agencies were given the responsibility of compiling their own standards years ago. According to the plan, 14 government departments, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture, will coordinate to finish revamping the existing standards by China is still suffering from the absence of several major food safety regulations, the plan said.

The government will prioritize safety standards for dairy products, infant food, meat, alcohol, vegetable oil, seasoning, health products and food additives so as to specify limits for dangerous ingredients in these foods, according to the plan. Moreover, the government will make special efforts to set standards for testing various contaminants, food additives, microorganisms, pesticide and animal drug residue in food production by , according to the plan.

Food safety became a nationwide concern in China after a spate of food safety incidents, such as food contamination and the illegal use of prohibited ingredients and additives in food production. The most recent scandal involved an "unusual amount" of mercury found in baby formula produced by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. Yili started to recall the defective products on Wednesday. Labels: Food Safety , Food Science. The Institute of Medicine IoM of the National Academies is seeking the nomination of additional individuals to serve on its standing committee on childhood obesity prevention.

This ongoing standing committee guides the planning and program development of IOM's obesity prevention activities, including activities undertaken by separately appointed ad hoc committees. The committee's work emphasizes the urgency of accelerated progress in obesity prevention and seeks ways to sustain progress that is made.

Specifically, the committee: 1 serves as a focal point for discussions on policy-relevant priorities in childhood obesity prevention; 2 identifies and refines focused topics to be examined through workshops, public briefings, and publications; and 3 provides strategic guidance on emerging issues, research, and activities. Service on the standing committee is also open to scientists and other experts working for a government agency as well as individuals employed by the private sector.


Contact information and comments regarding qualifications of nominees are greatly appreciated. Please fill out the this form to submit information about your nominee s by Friday, June 22, and return it to Emily Ann Miller, Associate Program Officer, at eamiller nas. And the winner is…. Congratulations to all winners! One hopes all affected manufacturers, distributors, and employers are aware by now that a change has taken place and have assigned personnel to manage their transitions to HazCom To comply, manufacturers and distributors must reclassify their chemical and provide GHS-formatted safety data sheets and labels to downstream users.

Employers must train their employees on GHS and make any necessary update to their hazards programs and workplace labeling strategies. Bottom line: Manufacturers, distributors, and employers have work ahead of them to bring their organizations into compliance with the revised standard. But where should companies start? It's here To celebrate we will giveaway an AOCS media lounger.

B e the first to comment on this post to win! Phone not included. Legislating Health? Last week it was announced that the Governor of California Edmund G.

Roselle Seed as a Potential New Source of Healthy Edible Oil

Brown, Jr. The report will establish baselines for key health indicators, identify obstacles, inventory best practices, provide fiscally prudent recommendations Mayor Bloomberg believes the ban on soda will prevent or ameliorate obesity.

Thus far it seems many of these decisions are being made without input from food companies. In fact, many of the participants have long history in activism on these topics Should we be legislating health?

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If so who should provide input? News and Notes for Monday June 18, Price remains a sticking point but the fuel could dramatically improve their greenhouse gas footprint and innovative refinery companies are also jumping in to bring fuel costs down.

Good results for Chilli crop growers by the use of Crude Edible oils in guntur - Express TV

Western Diet Changes Gut Bacteria and Triggers Colitis in Those at Risk Newswise --Certain saturated fats that are common in the modern Western diet can initiate a chain of events leading to complex immune disorders such as inflammatory bowel diseases IBD in people with a genetic predisposition, according to a study to be published early online in the journal Nature. High levels of omega-3 fatty acids in breast milk of Amerindian women UCSB News release --The omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid DHA is vital for cognitive and visual development in infants.

Researchers have discovered that Amerindian women have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their breast milk than women in the United States. Read the release. European Union plans to let traces of unapproved GMOs in food Reuters - -Tiny amounts of unapproved genetically modified organisms GMOs will be permitted in food imports to the European Union under draft rules due to be proposed shortly. Quality drop, ironically, supports United State's soybean use A relatively low level of protein in US soybeans may be underpinning demand for it, by forcing feed groups to use more of the oilseed to support the quality of their products.

Modulating the physical properties of sunflower oil and sorbitan monopalmitate-based organogels. Behera, B. This is our th blog post. Check back at CST today for details! The monthly AOCS email newsletter just went out. A double SPE procedure was developed as follows. Briefly, about 1 g of the oil was dissolved in chloroform and acetone. The sample was eluted with methanol under gravity at the rate of one drop per 2—3 s.

The vial was capped and rotated to spread the solvent over the residue and was then left to stand for 5 min. Then, 0. Then, 1 mL of the sample extract was added to the cartridge and the eluate was collected following the previous procedures. The process of washing the empty glass vial and transferring the solvent was repeated twice more total 6 mL. The eluent was evaporated again to a dry residue. The residue was dissolved in 0. An aliquot of 0.

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The analysis was conducted based on Granvogl and Schieberle [ 18 ], with a few modifications. The flow rate was set to 0.

Overcoming the Trans Fat Problem in Thailand | Current Developments in Nutrition | Oxford Academic

Solvent A was 0. The Pearson correlations between GEs and some of the examined parameters, as well as for the individual glycidyl esters and main fatty acids, were also investigated. Regression analysis R values was designated using Excel Microsoft. All oils were characterized by appropriate output parameters Table 1 which indicated a good quality of oil [ 7 , 8 ].

Thus, changes in these values during frying would indicate degradation of the oil's quality.

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  4. Hydrolysis of frying oil triacylglycerols is one of the most common reactions that play a key role in frying oil degradation [ 19 ].