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Stephen M. Gryzlo, MD.

Evaluation and Treatment of the Infected Shoulder Arthroplasty

David M. Of particular concern are loosening and alignment problems with the socket, or glenoid component.

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Patients with prosthetic loosening do not always feel symptoms. Prosthetic loosening can result in other problems, such as joint instability, which can affect the shoulder's range of motion and function. Bone fracture The patient's bone of the humerus or glenoid can break during or after surgery.

A patient's risk of fracture can be affected by the patient's anatomy and bone density as well as the surgical placement of the prosthetics. A post-surgical fracture may require a second surgery. Joint dislocation or partial dislocation subluxation The new shoulder may dislocate from the new socket, or glenoid.

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This risk decreases as the muscles around the shoulder joint are strengthened through physical therapy. Blood vessel or nerve injury The surrounding nerves and blood vessels can be injured during surgery, though this risk is low. Experts estimate anywhere between 0. Allergic reaction In rare cases, a patient has an allergic reaction to the bone cement or joint prostheses.

In these cases the bone cement and prostheses must be removed.

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Most complications can be successfully treated. A surgery followed by complications may still be considered successful if pain is alleviated and function improves over the long term. A patient can reduce the risk of complications by working with an experienced surgeon. Some studies have shown that complication rates are lower for surgeons and hospitals that do a lot of shoulder replacements. If the artificial shoulder joint wears out or otherwise fails, a surgeon may recommend a revision surgery to remove and replace the joint prostheses.

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Revision surgeries are often elective, meaning the patient can take time to decide whether to undergo another surgery. Rare but notable exceptions are infection and dislocations. Shoulder revision surgeries are more complex than initial replacement surgeries, and carry a higher rate of risks and side effects.

Revision surgery for total shoulder replacements is more common for patients under age 60 men, and patients who have rotator cuff disease. Shoulder Replacement Surgery Video. Preparing for Shoulder Replacement Surgeries. Types of Shoulder Replacement Surgeries. Written by the world's leading shoulder surgeons, this volume offers much-needed guidance on managing complex and revision problems that cannot be solved by standard treatment formulas.

The authors present successful approaches with illustrative case examples, emphasizing avoidance of common pitfalls and management of complications. This edition has a greater focus on arthroscopic procedures and includes full-color arthroscopic images.

New chapters cover arthroscopic rotator cuff reconstruction, idiopathic and diabetic stiff shoulder, alternatives to arthroplasty, and the failed arthroplasty.

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This edition contains over illustrations. Complex and Revision Problems in Shoulder Surgery.