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Housing Affordability and Housing Investment Opportunity in Australia

Property and tenancy managers Property and tenancy managers must be nominated by an approved participant and approved by us before leasing property under the scheme. Licensed real estate agent.

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Local government. Anglicare Southern Queensland Phone: 07 Aspire Housing Group Email: reception aspirehousinggroup. Brisbane Housing Company Ltd Phone: 07 Email: reception bhcl. Connect Housing Ltd Phone: 07 This chapter focuses on the first purpose i.

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It should be noted that the focus of this book is on housing affordability in metropolitan areas and not in rural and regional areas where the issues concerned may, to a certain degree, be dissimilar in nature and scale. This exemplifies the fact that the housing market as a whole is comprised of a string of different housing markets segments. Due to its importance, the housing sector has always been the topic of much discussion. While a pre-GFC increase in house prices was shared with many other countries Kim and Renaud, , there has been no material GFC instigated correction in house prices in Australia.

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In fact, quite the opposite happened in that post-GFC house prices continued rising This is especially evident in Melbourne where, according to the ABS , in the year to September quarter from the corresponding quarter of the previous year , established house prices increased the most among all the capital cities This book focused on providing an introduction to the logic and concepts of housing affordability, an overview of the measures of housing afford-ability and an empirical examination of housing affordability.

The book is suited to anyone having some acquaintance with the basic elements of economics and financial acumen.

If Australian Politicians Cared About Housing Affordability Here’s What They Would Do

Two — the cost of building — and this is in particular in relation to the inner city apartments where there is an urban infill. The third is bureaucracy. All have made similar claims and work tirelessly to safeguard the opportunities for profit-making that exist when housing is in short supply. It is no coincidence that supply-side interventions, such as sustained investment in public housing, have been eschewed in favour of demand-based subsidies.

The latter includes initiatives such as Commonwealth Rental Assistance and inputted tax subsidies that enable landlords to boost their profits, alongside first homeowner grants and the exemption of capital gains tax for owner-occupiers when they sell their home. For those who wish to reap profits from their housing investment, there are good reasons to maintain the status quo; for a shortage of supply to continue and for public housing to remain a stigmatised tenure only available for those without any recourse elsewhere.

Stressing land release as a significant cause of the affordability crisis is misleading but not surprising. This is the claim repeated by developers who wish to increase their profits. It is not uncommon for developers to delay development plans on land they have acquired on the expectation that the opportunity to secure greater profits will accrue when the land value increases at a later stage.

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It is disappointing that Hunt offered such a myopic explanation of the housing affordability crisis. A more insightful analysis would attend to the failure to invest in public housing, the subsidies that distort the private rental market such as negative gearing, and the tax privileges that are extended to homeowners.

The housing problems experienced by low-income households are a symptom of entrenched inequality within Australia.

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Public and private tenants remain disadvantaged and have to endure problematic tenancies that are increasingly insecure. UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us? Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington.