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Chapter 12 Expand Acceptable Client Profile. Chapter 13 Effective Marketing Campaigns. Chapter 14 Repackaging for Increased Profits. Chapter 16 An Advance-and-Conquer Attitude. Chapter 17 Your Freedom Financial Plan. Chapter 19 The Unreasonable Attitude. Conclusion How to Guarantee Your Position.

Dude, I Can't express enough gratitude, you the man. I will meet you in person, I will fill up my white space on the calendar with "laying across the Grant's parking garage until I get 30 seconds of advice" if I have to! From a small business guy in Oregon, now humbled, Thanks Again! Mike M. I like business books and to hear the success stories. This was a nice change of pace, a little shock so to speak. It made me rethink my stance of how the economic situation has effected me and my roll in "taking it like a man".

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Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? I would recommend this audio book by Mr. Cardone because he's a great salesman.

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He details various strategies for aggressively dealing with the economically challenged circumstances we find ourselves in. Sell or Be Sold.

How to Dominate Facebook Marketing Despite Its Algorithm Hating You

Because he's the one reading it. He also gives advice that's outside of the book - from time to time. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? Not necessarily an extreme reaction. It does cause one to ask - If you're just sitting around not taking any action at all for the betterment of your business - how are you going to improve your personal economy? Any additional comments?

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  • A great listen! I'm in the car most of the day and by the time I get to where I'm going - I'm motivated by his speaking and have some great ideas to put into action. Well worth it!

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    Grant Cardone can be a greatly motivating listen. And this book is better than The 10x Rule. It's more practical, how-to oriented. He is everything but rational though, and his advice may lead you to success — via a path of That is; aggressive, single-minded and relentlessly marching on and on.

    In this book he even goes to the extreme of recommending Scientology's crazy mega-vitamin detox — a programme that can be downright dangerous to pursue. A programme that has been discredited by science, and was created by L. Ron Hubbard who was not a doctor or scientist, but a sci-fi writer. I listened to 'Sale or be sold' which was much better and richer in content. This book could be easily trimmed down to 2 hours. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not? I not only recommended this book, I bought copies for my friends!

    Eventhough I've been in sales for 20 years, Grant Cordone had a pocketful of gems and tools for me to use. Grant has that over aggressive, enthusiasm that initially turned me off, but the content keep me interested through the whole book. If you follow his lessons at the end of each chapter you will increase sales and motivate your team. Enthusiatic, Motivational and sometimes overbearing. However he does a great job! I now have a book of tools to use to increase sales for my little company. Like setting up a monthly newsletter to my clients, speaking at real estate offices, women's groups, etc.

    This is one you will listen to over and over again,. I was turned into grant Cardone by a friend. I'm not obsessed. I enjoyed his candor as well as bits of humor. I recommend this to anyone new in the sales business or someone searching refreshing ideas. First is Best. The principles in this book are very valuable. There's some overlap here with Grant's other books. However, if this is the only book by Grant Cardone that you ever read you'll get some great information and inspiration for how to get your business to first place in the customer's mind. Grant is really aggressive here Also, this one is packed with calls to action First audiobook I have purchased and it surpassed my expectations.

    If you are in any way familiar with Grant Cardone then you will expect a certain style of delivery and you won't be disappointed. However, GC also stands for Great Content. When I bought this book I thought it would teach me something - it does what no other book I be rit gives you the tool and motivates you to use it. Basically, the message of the book is that you should try harder and go above and beyond.

    How do you do that?

    If You're Not First, You're Last (Book Summary)

    Well, there might be an other book explaining that part which was not included. Not bad at all and good body of work with a good few gems like on 10x rule but not in par with Sell or Be Sold or Closer's Survival Guide which are mammoth gem drops by comparison. This book however will help to get your mind right if that's what you need or reiteration it you're feeling a little disoriented or approach-rusty. Can't fault the GC! Essential reading for biz owners, entrepreneurs and marketers.

    Love the energy and positivity in this book. This guy has helped me a lot, I run my own company and I have taken everything onboard and am using it. Well worth the listen, he is funny too! Loved the homework at the end of each chapter. Brilliant practical tips I used as I was listening and putting in action. Mr Cardone makes it very clear that it's all about your relationship with the contact.

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    That's what secures the contract. As business owners or entrepreneurs, life becomes a constant barrage of activity and this can get exhausting. Unless you have a great partner with you, times can get tough and motivation suffers. Grant's done a great job here of reframing the mindset needed to be awesomely successful. I learnt a lot about sales and approach to the life. Similar Audio Books. Reviews Mollen Maswanganyi. Book Rating. Andrew c. Audiobooks com Simply Audiobooks Audible.

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