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Drawing, painting, and designing should not be a mechanical thing, even if you took the job just because you needed the money! Chapter 2, Image Filters and Effects , gives an overview on many of the default filters that come with GIMP, applied examples, and a description of their options.

GIMP for Beginners: Light Bulb Fish Bowl Tutorial

Chapter 3, Text and Fonts , explains how to work with fonts. It teaches several techniques to turn any kind of text from a solid colors to brilliant effects like frosted text, golden text, or a rubber stamp. Chapter 4, Photo Manipulation , starts with an explanation of the basic image editing tools. After that, there are a few advanced techniques to create high-quality effects with any kind of photo.

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Chapter 5, Playing With Color and Sharpness , explains how to correct imperfections and erase objects or the whole background from any photo. This action might not be possible to undo.

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Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. There's more Blending colors How to do it How to paint a sky and clouds How to do it From sketch to finished piece: creating a cartoon of yourself How to do it Using Distorts How to do it Using Light and Shadow How to do it Using Noise How to do it Using Edge-Detect How to do it Using Artistic How to do it There's more Using Decor How to do it Using Map How to do it Using Render How to do it Using web design-oriented filters How to do it Using logo-creation filters How to do it Text and Fonts Introduction Creating a quick logo for your company How to do it How it works Creating 3D text How to do it Creating glowing text effects How to do it Creating shining plastic text How to do it Creating gold text How to do it Creating icy cold text How to do it Creating fiery text How to do it Creating paper cutout text How to do it Creating rubber stamp text How to do it Photo Manipulation Introduction Calibration, image modes, and colour profiles Scaling an image How to do it Cropping an image How to do it Flipping or rotating an image How to do it Improving low-light photos How to do it Scaling an image without deformation Liquid Rescaling Getting ready How to do it Creating a diorama effect simulating depth of field How to do it Creating HDR photos How to do it Creating a black and white postcard with a color touch How to do it Coloring black and white pictures How to do it Creating surreal picture manipulations How to do it Adding graffiti to a photo How to do it Cleaning objects How to do it Correcting facial imperfections How to do it 6.

Creating custom glossy buttons How to do it Creating an Art Nouveau inspired blog template Getting ready How to do it How to create an Impressionist inspired template Getting ready How to do it Creating a green time-machine background Getting ready How to do it Creating a light spikes background Getting ready How to do it Creating a retro dots background Getting ready How to do it Using the 3D Screenshot script Getting ready How to do it Using the Midnight Sepia script Getting ready How to do it The next part will be out soon.

After knowing that the weapon technologies outside his hometown were more advanced and could pose a threat to his home, Trace decided to revive his Booster Armor series. It carried over a. But, there's more to writing than just getting that first draft done, isn't there? That's where the next big crucial step comes in: revision.

The Art of Revising: Revision is such a huge topic to cover, especially since there are many ways to go about it. You can do self-edits, which always are a good first step, or you can get outside revisions from peers. Both are good ideas to really get your work to be top notch. But, the big thing to remember is that there's more to just editing your work than cleaning up a few spelling and grammar mistakes.

Revising also includes corrections to sentence flow, scenes, and sometimes overall plot. So, before we jump into some ways to edit, here are a few different terms of methods of editing that may be handy to know-- especially if you're asking a peer to help you with revisions. Types of. If you are addressed in this article, then you came to the right place. I don't like to watch people the Administration expels because they violated the terms of service. If you block me, mark my comment as spam, or hide my comment, I will still be able to report your actions that violate the rules of deviantART and the laws of the United States.

I will report illustrations if I see they violate the rules or I have evidence about it. When someone takes a copyrighted piece and claims it as own or shares the copyrighted piece, they are violating someone else's rights as the original creator. I found these pictures of Levi, and I couldn't resist. All that lost Story For anyone who wants Mollie the Flareon's backstory, here it is. If you spot any mistakes, please notify me. It was known among the other tribes as the strongest, for the members of that tribe were able to use their adaptability to its prime.

Many attempts to fight by other tribes always ended in failure as the Coastal Eevee Tribe had a greater advantage for one on one tribe war. This victory lasted until all the tribes decided to join. My intention was to post about the pt giveaway results in this blog today. However, I have changed my mind to post this blog instead after seeing a documentary video from BBC just now.

I have so much to say.

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I can write endlessly here but this video says most of it. It is very shocking to see how females are being deprived in India. I am truly ashamed. But the most shocking thing that I have come across to know very recently from a friend of mine is that in a porn site, the 16th Dec Delhi rape case girl's pic was being used as an Ad with a message saying..

I have seen it myself. I am not naming the site here because I am not here to promote porn but to tell you that this is true. This was so very shocking to see how humanity has crossed every lines they could possibly make. The Booster Armor series is currently separated into 5 Generations and the armor usage timeline is also divided into 8 Periods which are: 1. Starter Period 2. New Age Period 3. Expropriation period 4. Armor War Period 5.

Turbo Discovery Period 6. Post-War Period 7. Rogue Berserker Extinction Period 8.

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Post-Outbreak Period This one will only cover 3 periods which are: 1. Expropriation period The next part will be out soon. Robert's first and final armor, built to help Speed on his mission to. Turbo Discovery Period 2. Post-War Period 3.

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Rogue Berserker Extinction Period The next part will be out soon. He created an energy core and told Speed to attach i. Submitted on September 5, File Size 0 bytes Link. Views 4, 1 today Favourites 0 Comments 1. This is an incredible feature story about Christopher and how he achieves his mind blowing photography and digi.

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