Manual Ion-Selective Electrodes

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Password Forgot your password? Sign in New customer? Register now. About shared lists Shared lists are a new way to save products. Collaborate You can invite collaborators like your lab manager or procurement staff to any shared list. Timothy A. Nieman, George Horvai. Neutral carrier potassium-selective electrodes with low resistances.

Analytica Chimica Acta , , Karl Cammann. Ion-selective bulk membranes as models for biomembranes. Cattrall, I. Coated-Wire Ion-Selective Electrodes. Richard P. Electrochemistry of Ion-Selective Electrodes. Timotheou-Potamia, M. Koupparis, T. Evaluation of a chloramine-T-selective electrode for catalytic titration of silver and mercury II based on iodide-catalyzed chloramine-T reactions. Microchemical Journal , 28 3 , Ratna S. Phadke, H. Sonawat, Girjesh Govil. Electron delocalization during the oxidation-reduction cycle of FAD and NAD: A quantum chemical approach to the design of coenzyme-immobilized bioanode for biochemical fuel cells.

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry , 24 S10 , Basic Characteristics of Membrane Electrodes.

Ion Selective Electrodes from Cole-Parmer

Powley, Timothy A. Bipolar pulse conductometric monitoring of ion-selective electrodes. Robert L. Solsky, G. Ion-Selective Electrodes in Biomedical Analysis. Janis Gulens.

Ion-Selective Electrodes

Beg, Afzal Nabi. Studies of concentration potentials and detection limits of anion selective liquid membranes. Journal of Membrane Science , 9 , Imants Lauks. Polarizable electrodes. Sensors and Actuators , 1 , Solid-State Membrane Electrodes. Electrochemistry of ion-selective electrodes. Vasile V.

David A. Gough, John K. Theoretical Aspects of Enzyme Electrode Design. Oehme, H. A comparison of ion-chromatographic and potentiometric techniques for the determination of gaseous and particulate fluoride in air. Schumacher, F.


Neue Titrationen mit elektrochemischer Endpunktsanzeige. Beg, M.

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Usman, A. Ion-selective characteristics of heavy metal myristate liquid membrane electrodes. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry and Interfacial Electrochemistry , 2 , Marco Mascini, Rita Giardini.

Potentiometric determination of proteins with an ammonia sensor. Diamandis, T. Analytical Letters , 13 15 , Chemically modified parylene gate field effect transistors.


Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry and Interfacial Electrochemistry , , Polymers as Aids in Related Areas of Chemistry. Pungor, K. Nagy, Zs. Horvai, E. Comparative study on the precision of potentiometric techniques applied with ion-selective electrodes. Analytica Chimica Acta , 2 , Oliver H. LeBlanc, William J. This part describes the formulations of the interfacial potential contribution due to phase boundaries. This part also explores the diffusion potential, the nonideality of diffusion layers or membrane phases, the liquid-junction potential arising in conventional potentiometric measuring cells.

Fundamental electrochemistry: Part 10 Potentiometry and ion-selective electrode

Other topics covered in this part include the practical solution for the membrane potential; the ion-transport and the electrical properties of bulk membranes; and the characteristics of lipid bilayer membranes. Part B considers the fundamentals of ion-selective electrodes. This part begins with discussions of the principles, response behavior, ion selectivity, and detection limits of solid-state membrane electrodes.

This part also examines several important extensions and modifications of the Sandblom-Eisenman-Walker theory; the characteristics of neutral carrier membrane electrodes; and the theory of glass electrodes.

Combination Ion Selective Electrodes

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