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Containing 51 texts which span Freud's entire career, from early case histories, through his work on dreams and essays on sexuality, and on to his late writings including Civilisation and Its Discontents , this book brings together his ideas as a scientist, humanist, doctor and philosopher. Introductions to the texts are provided by Peter Gay, who has also written a general introduction which places the man and his work in the context of his time and culture. His other numerous works include studies on the eighteenth century, Voltaire's Politics and The Party of Humanity , and essays on the writing of history, Style in History and Art and Act.

The first single-volume work to capture Freud's ideas as scientist, humanist, physician, and philosopher. We use technologies, such as cookies, to customise content and advertising, to provide social media features and to analyse traffic to the site. Privacy Policy. Description The first single-volume work to capture Freud's ideas as scientist, humanist, physician, and philosopher. What to read from the vast output of Sigmund Freud has long been a puzzle. But the pain that Freud is investigating is not the type that can be "cured" by just any doctor. His interest lies in life's darker afflictions, ones that can oftentimes be more detrimental than a physical ailment.

I noticed that many of the other readers who completed this book were also women - perhaps a testament to what Freud once said about "the less ethical sex", hey, he was an attractive man willing to listen to crazy women talk all day. But it's true that his most famous cases, including the study on "Dora", all revolved around intriguing, if hysterical, women.

While I can see why feminists have long argued against the teachings of Freud, I believe they fail to realize his deep intellectual investment in the complexities of the female mind. Some other notable essays were The Interpretation of Dreams in which Freud's dream analysis is explained, Observations on Transference-Love , a fascinating look at the phenomena of the analyst-analysand relationship, Totem and Taboo , The Unconscious , Mourning and Melancholia , and The Dissolution of the Oedipus Complex. These are probably some of his more well-known essays, rightfully so, but my personal favorite was a cultural discourse written about the implied neurosis of Da Vinci, Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His Childhood.

A similar essay I also enjoyed, The Moses of Michelangelo , took a look at one specific piece, the famous masterpiece of High Renaissance sculpture. In both essays, Freud painstakingly scrutinizes the work of two artists, artists probably being those most visibly affected by neurosis :- , in the hopes that their sculptures and paintings will provide clues to the artist's deeper preoccupations. Freud's admiration for these men is clearly evident - after all, how would great works such as Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" be produced if the mind's ability to sublimate wasn't intact?

All that aside, The Freud Reader is definitely a must-read for anyone interested in the influence of one of history's greatest workaholics. Many people throw the term "Freudian" around carelessly and the poor man is often misquoted or dismissed as a fanatical cokehead whose work holds no relevance today.

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While psychoanalysis may not be as popular of a practice as it was in the 50's or 60's, rest assured Freud's work will continue to stand as the best explanation of how we can all walk the earth as healthy neurotics. View 1 comment. Aug 26, Carrie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: hysterics and narcissists. Forgive the egoism, but I love this book mostly for what I've scrawled in the margins.

In the margin of p. Jun 11, Hind rated it it was amazing. Wow what a journey! First and foremost I am more than thrilled I managed to finish this whole book! It is a tough dense book that takes a whole lot if commitment to plough through. Now on to the book. How does one attempt to analyze the father of psychoanalysis? I don't know how one would attempt that, but I sure know there is a whole lot you can take from this book. Well at least, as to myself, I know reading Freud will forever change the way I think and analyze everything, especially people.

T Wow what a journey! This book itself edited by Peter Gay, was not very reader friendly if I could say. Or maybe not for someone attempting to read Freud for the first time. Should it be chronological? Or topic based? I found myself researching Freud and his theories to be able to actually read and u understand the actual text! So if you are not familiar with Freud at all, I would recommend a book on more of an introductory level.

The introductory excerpts by the editor were too brief I believe. As to the actual content of Freud's theories, I love them. While I am under the impression that many find them outright ridiculous and irrelevant, I find myself admiring the way Freud constructs theories and his almost childish commitment to them throughout. The Id and the Ego, the pleasure principle, the conscious and unconscious and ofcourse the notorious Oedipus complex, these are all truly brilliant constructions that aid us even if the slightest bit into understanding the nature of our obscure and fragile psyche.

I think Freud should at least be given credit for that. I truly enjoyed big chunks of the book, and had far too many "hmmmm" moments. And I guess for me, a great book is one that makes you hmmm. And Freud indeed succeeded in that. I think after reading Freud you will automatically start to over analyze everything. Is that a good thing?

I don't know yet, but it definitely feels like you unlocked a great hidden secret that only a few know about. Makes you feel superior, and I bet that is exactly how Freud felt! Jan 28, Dustyn Hessie rated it it was amazing Shelves: brilliant , profound , translations , psyche , nonfiction , big-books , psychoanalysis.

Freud's discoveries were even more miraculous than I had previously thought My peers and professors had always told me that he was this "perverse," "outdated," masochist simply occupying his mind with the sexualization of everything he could get his rusty little beard on.

They couldn't have been more wrong - Freud was a genius!

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Without him we'd be utterly lost. I think it's interesting to point out that Freud's work - especially on the unconscious, the ego, the object-libido, etc. I get sneered at in the hallway when any of his work in my hand - how shrewd! But anyways, if you read with your reason, paying decent attention to what goes on in material and mental life, you'll snatch up a good sum of applicable knowledge in this book.

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The translations are refined Their are a lot of condensed work's in this volume Shelves: psychoanalysis , essays. That a cigar is sometimes just a cigar. Oct 06, Cat Noe rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , worth-revisiting , psychology , reference , classics , favorites.

If I could, I would give this six stars. Like most people, I have heard more than a few negative comments about Freud over the years, and they left me with a solid but unjustifiable low opinion of his work.

Prejudice, to my mind, is an ugly word, so this state of affairs could not be left alone. Solution, do some reading and come out knowing exactly why he's wrong. That was the theory, at any rate. It lasted Brilliant, logical, a gentleman all the way, absolutely If I could, I would give this six stars. Brilliant, logical, a gentleman all the way, absolutely a delight to read.

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Much of this can be tested for accuracy, if you have time enough to think through it. Fair warning though, by the end I was scribbling charts in order to keep the levels of abstraction straight. This officially turned me from a Freud skeptic to a convert. This man was a genius. May 19, Brittany rated it really liked it. Being that I am a psychology major I obviously need to examine all of the schools of thought out there. Freud being the "father" of psychoanalysis this book is interesting to read.

The Freud Reader by Peter Gay

It has many of his case studies and his papers, some that are less well known than his later essay Civilization and Its Discontent. I am looking forward to reading it, most likely in parts because it is so much to take in. Mar 11, David Bradley rated it really liked it. An excellent compendium of Freud's writings. Unfortunately, it's a compendium of Freud's writings. Absolute rubbish but very well-written rubbish. Jun 01, v rated it really liked it. Though the back says "many of the selections are reproduced in full," the vast majority are not.