Guide Wings: One Hundred Years of British Aerial Warfare

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Aurora crews conduct sovereignty and surveillance missions over the Atlantic Ocean routinely, while search and rescue capabilities are maintained days of the year.


This southern Saskatchewan town is also home to the Snowbirds, Canada's world famous aerobatic team. It also provides support to the Central Flying School. All combined, 17 Wing turns out what are considered some of the best air navigators and multi-skilled personnel in the world. For Canadian air force personnel, all roads will lead to 17 Wing Winnipeg.

Its Aurora crews keep watch over the Pacific Ocean while its search and rescue teams regularly locate downed Aircraft in some of Canada's roughest terrain while another squadron helps train fighter pilots in tactical procedures. Located in Quebec's Saguenay region. The busiest fighter base in Canada.

years in the air – RAF

Air power went from sideshow to decisive factor during the Second World War, as the major powers turned industry to the task of producing airplanes by the thousands in a bid to win control of the skies. While propaganda mills on both sides churned out dashing aces during the Second World War, most people today would struggle to recall even one of their names.

No standout hero emerged of the stature of a Red Baron or Billy Bishop. This is true as well of the Korean War, the first of the jet age, which saw U. By the s, the ultra-fast interceptor aircraft of the day could not execute the aerial spirals and hairpin turns of the two world wars when flying at speeds around twice the speed of sound.

While also taking into account the invention of the heat-seeking air-to-air missile, military planners decided the death of the dogfight had arrived. Encounters henceforth were expected to be cold, standoffish affairs decided by whose self-guided missiles could find the other plane first.

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The Americans and Soviets produced fighters without guns known as cannons in warplane-speak , figuring they would never be used anyway. The North Vietnamese proved these notions wrong by going kill-for-kill with the U. Air Force in the years The dogfight was victorious over bureaucratic projections.

The next generation of fighters, planned during the s and coming into service in the s, brought cannons and nimble manoeuvres back into fashion. Dogfighting came thundering back into popular culture as well, mostly thanks to the action film and blockbuster military recruitment tool Top Gun , starring Tom Cruise.

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Still, the Canadian Forces are looking toward a future that may not include fighter planes at all. Its focus is on air-to-ground attack capabilities, not the air-to-air attacks that bring prestige to human pilots. Before Afghanistan and Iraq, the use of drones was hardly imagined. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Wings One Hundred Years of British Aerial Warfare

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